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    The Department of Fine and Applied Arts (EETF) of the School of Fine Arts of the University of Western Macedonia organizes and operates from the academic year 2020-2021 the Postgraduate Programme (MFA) entitled “Fine arts and landscape: approaches to natural and urban space”. The subject of the Postgraduate Programme (MFA) is the investigation of the visual arts-related parameters of the concept of landscape (natural and urban). The landscape is approached as a space of experiential visual research and exploration as well as a field of pedagogical applications, which will lead to the creation of contemporary artworks through the lived experience of the field and its mnemonic processing. EETF invites applications, for the coverage of thirty positions, for the academic year 2022-2023 in the following specializations:

    1. “Visual Art Practices”: The specialization “Visual Art Practices” aims to educate students in the creation of visual artworks based on critical practice andemanating from readings of the landscape and the wider social space. The program includes fine arts laboratory courses as well as courses that deepen understanding of contemporary theoretical approaches in relation to visual arts.
    2. “Contemporary Approaches to Art Education”: The specialization “Contemporary Approaches to Art Education” aims at the study of contemporary approaches to the teaching of fine arts and their creative use in the educational process. The program includes courses of general pedagogical content, methodology, utilization of technology, so that through the critical presentation of modern practices to achieve the cultivation of skills and scientific training of students in Art Teaching and in areas such as Museum Pedagogy.

    It is noted that the two specializations follow the first semester a joint programme of fine arts laboratory courses as well as theory courses that approach and contextualize the relationship between contemporary art and landscape.